Wine Classes

Thanks to my background (my parents have been wine experts for more than 40 years), you will dive into the Burgundian wine culture …

101 Wine education Morning  OR Apéritif

The best wine experience to get the basics about Burgundy region and its wines. This experience will demystify Burgundy wines and will give you the tools you need to understand the complexity of Burgundy wines.  You will plunge directly in a complete 101 Burgundy wine education including wine tastings, history, geology, social impact, stories and much more…

  • Get the essential of Burgundian wines from North to South, Chablis to Macon.
  • Introduction to Burgundy wines with notions of history, geography, figures, wine professionals, geology, wine classification (AOC), how to read a label.
  • Basics of wine tasting (WSET method)
  • Learn all the key points you will need to visit the vineyard and know what to choose in restaurants.
  • A comparative wine tasting of 8 different wines (including 1er and Grand crus wines).
  • Burgundian savory snacks  (Gougères, cheese, charcuterie..) .

Available on request only (email me at
From 9.30am to 12am OR 5.30pm to 8pm (2.5 hours)

Price per person: 160€/person 


This experience will give you the basics on Burgundy wines. It’s a more complete experience including a lunch/dinner.

  • 101 Burgundy Wine Education, you will get to know about the history, geology how winemakers make Burgundy wines and much more
  • You will enjoy a wine tasting (12 wines including 1er crus and Grand crus wines)
  • A Burgundian Lunch/Dinner (4 courses gastronomic menu)
  • Wine tasting education (WSET Method)
  • Food & Wine pairing education

Available on request (email me at
Wine Education Lunch : From 11am to 3pm (4 hours) – 260€/person

Wine education Dinner : From 6pm to 10pm (4 hours) – 280€/person