Cook & Taste

This experience is a true hands-on cooking class with a farmer’s market + artisan tour on Wednesdays & Saturdays.
On Wednesdays & Saturdays you will shop with me to get the freshest and seasonal products to do the hands on cooking class. Then we will be back to the Lab and you will cook an entire and authentic gastronomic Burgundian/French menu with 4 different courses (includes 5 to 6 different recipes).

On regular non market days you will start directly in the Lab having been welcomed with coffee/tea.

After the cooking time you will enjoy the menu you have made while I will serve some of my favorites Burgundian wines and give you an overview about wines in Burgundy as well as teach you how to pair food and wine properly.
I will share my true passion for food with you as well as lots of cooking tips and techniques, Burgundian staples, and of course my personal stories!
Available upon request (email me at


Price per person (welcome coffee + cooking class + lunch/diner + wines including 1er and Grand crus wines)

  • Weekdays (MTTF) : 325€/person (everything included) – From 10am to 2.30pm
  • Market + artisan tour   (Wednesdays/Saturdays ): 385€/person (everything included) – from 9.30am to 3pm
  • Diners : 350€/person
  • Sundays : 375€/person – lunch OR diner
  • All prices are taxes included

For a private class please email me at